“Energy Transmissions” From Monks,
Can Light Up Your Social Life, Attract Wealth, Bestow Luck,
And Even Attract Your Dream Romantic Partner…


New research and testimonials are telling us “YES.”

Here’s The Unexpected Reason Why…

Have you ever met someone that has that special, unexplainable, “spark” about them?

They bring light into everywhere and they put everybody at ease with their smooth presence. They oozed joy, love, happiness, openness, and gentleness to everyone around and they just seem to have everything figured out, right?

Their finances are taken care of. They’ve got the right people in their life to help them grow and they seem to be at peace with the world and they radiate simplistic, reasonless joy.

“How Can I Be More Like Them?”

We all want to improve the quality of our life whether it be making more money or falling in love with our dream partner. But most people have to work VERY hard to make progress on their dreams.

What if YOU could attract more wealth, more connection, and more pure happiness into your life effortlessly? Wouldn’t you do it?
Well, despite what most people think, this is not a fantasy.

Many cultures around the world have centuries-old practices with foundational teachings based in how to become one of these people with that elusive “spark”.

History Of The “Spark”

These people with the “spark” are rare, but their types have walked among us for centuries and been revered in virtually every culture around the world.

The Greeks called them “those with favor freely given” or “those with the gift of grace”. Ancient Christians call them “the messengers” who bring with them the will of God. The Buddhists call these people “enlightened” for being able to find peace in a chaotic world. And today we call them “charismatic” or “lucky”.

Anyhow, those with the “spark” are people who’s energy is strong enough to change the “vibe” of an entire room for the better.

New scientific research is suggesting that you can inherit qualities from exceptional people with the “spark” through Energy Transmissions.

Science-Backed Evidence Suggests Energy Transmissions Can Help People Resist Disease, Influence Colleagues, And Transform Lives For The Better

For ten thousand years, people have believed in unseens powers, forces, and energies. From aliens to gods to magic, people have been fascinated with what lies beyond what we see for centuries. But until recent times, none of these unseen forces could be proven. This all changed in 1992 when Bruce Taino from Eastern Washinton University built the first human energy frequency monitor in the world. The first findings found with this incredible new device proved that individuals who had high frequencies (or high energy) almost always meant that person was healthier and less prone to disease than a person with low frequencies (low energy). That might not seem like a big deal, but that single discovery set off the equivalent of a nuclear bomb in the scientific community.

People around the world began conducting studies on everything from the frequencies of the foods we eat to how different emotions can impact the frequencies of the world around us. Yet three decades later, the concept of human frequencies (energy) remains elusive and hard to study despite the hundreds of credible scientific experiments conducted on it. Researcher Karen O’Dell from Research Gate (a commercial scientific network) found evidence to support that the human heart emits an energy field over 5000x stronger than any other organ in the human body. This suggests that people can feel your heartbeat and potentially the kind of energy it emits from across an entire room.

Further studies on tourists that visit Germany’s Auschwitz Concentration Camps documented by Popular Mechanics talks about “The Emotional Residue Theory”. Many tourists report feelings of tightness in their chest or even a downright “spookiness” in places ripe with emotional trauma.
Could it be that places that have experienced powerful emotions AKA powerful human frequencies have an “energetic stain” that can be felt long after the person who created the emotion has moved on?

Through “Energy Transmission Rituals” Buddhist Monks believe it is possible to create and bestow powerful and positive energy on people, life events, or inanimate objects. For years the Western world has cast disbelief towards such rituals. But with new supporting scientific energy research emerging all the time.

Might It Be Possible To Use Buddhist Monk
“Energy Transmissions”
To Attract Wealth, Romance, Social Influence,
And Happiness Into Your Life?

According to Master Chunyi, it is.

“You can transform energy of any kind into something beautiful.”
– Master Chunyi

Since 1995, Master Chunyi has become known as one of the world’s leading experts on ancient Tibetan energetic practices developed thousands of years ago to connect the physical body to the great energy that lies beyond the physical plane. Modern science calls this the influence of human-emitted electromagnetic radiation.

Master Chunyi has spent his life developing close connections with spiritual leaders around the world consisting primarily of Buddhist Monks.
Now thanks to Chuny’s teachings on Energy Transmission and other energetic arts. Over 750,000 people around the world claim to have achieved some form of energetic healing or abundance from Master Chunyi’s workshops, live events, and online content.

What Is “Energy Transmission”

And Why Have Over 750,000 Opted In To Learn About It From Master Chunyi?

Up until the rise of the Western World in the mid-1700s, Energy Transmission was a commonly held practice in most cultures around the world.
From the Buddhist Monks Master Chunyi knows so well to Siberian Shamans, to Japanese Samurai, to Ancient Aztecs. Energy Transmissions were commonly practiced rituals held to bless a person, a place, or a life event.

In the words of Master Chunyi, “Energy transmission plants a seed for growth. When that seed is nurtured, it can become something beautiful for anybody who opens their heart.”

Tom’ story about how credits Chunyi’s teachings to
growing the abundance in his life

Since he was very young, Tom has always been interested in energy. He read books, practiced meditation and he studied on his own along with some hard work. Tom was able to harness abundance and become a very successful investor in the business world. But something was missing that he just couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Tom signed up for The 7-Day Blessing with Master Chunyi and the monks. He signed himself and his whole family, his kids, wife and everyone. And the transformation that came next was incredible.

Today Tom is proud to say he doesn’t only enjoy abundance in his investing career, but also a high level of abundance he never had before with his family, his business partners, and in his spirituality. He tells us he feels “connected” in a way unlike ever before at this stage in his life.

Tom’s story isn’t the only incredible transformation Master Chunyi’s students have gone through. There are stories of students dramatically lessening their chronic pain.

Breaking false beliefs to see themselves in a new, more meaningful light. Releasing emotional traumas that had been holding them back.

And so much more…

read some of the testimonials

“Dear Master Lin and Tibetan Monks, I am doing the daily chanting and I signed up for the personal healing. Thank you for your blessings and healing! It is the fourth day and my sciatica is greatly improved as well as my knees. The left knee still has healing to do, or, the feelings I am having may be the healing taking place.
I also did some energy tapping today and uncovered a traumatic message from when I was a child. I must have taken it at face value and adhered to it completely. I believe the chanting and blessing triggered my recall of this memory which I can now release.
Words cannot express my gratitude! I look forward to greater healing as the week progresses. I send my love and blessings to you!”

– Master Chunyi

“I am incredibly grateful for these sessions and what a glorious way to begin 2022. So much gratitude to you and the selfless monks who chant so purely and raise our vibration in ways we never dreamt of.
The first session was astoundingly powerful- inviting those close to us meant a great deal to me and then offering them Light and Love felt unbelievably empowering-I have begun to see myself in a completely different Light! Like a beacon!
The session on compassion was hugely transformative -having embraced joy for many, many years as part of who I am, it felt like I was taken to the next level by being able to use joy and compassion as a service to humanity! It gives everything meaning and allows for relationships to be nurtured and supported.
I look forward to each session and soak in the pure, high vibrations of the chant and the superb accompanying meditations.

– Lydia D.

Most People Never Get The Opportunity to Recieve
Energy Transmissions From People With “The Spark”

But Master Chunyi Is Changing That

Normally Energy Transmission rituals are only practiced by small groups of incredible people in isolated parts of the world. These people include: Buddhist Monks, Siberian Shamans, a few groups of Native Americans, and even several African Tribes… But the majority of the world has forgotten the rituals of our ancestors, and this makes it very hard to be part of an Energy Transmission Ritual unless you have many thousands of dollars to spend on traveling around the world to meet with ancient peoples. For example, to participate in traditional Buddhist Energy Transmissions in person, you’d have to travel to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, or Northern India and then go through the painstaking process of actually finding a monastery that is welcoming guests, then study among them for several weeks or months before you could sit among them for Energy Transmission Ritual in your honor.

But thanks to Master Chunyi’s connection to Master Buddhist Monks from around the world, he’s made it more possible than ever before to be part of an Energy Transmission Ritual in your honor.


The 7-Day Blessing

With Master Chunyi
Most of Chunyi’s students either wait for Chunyi’s once per year World Healing Livestream or book long trips to the monastery to meet with Master Chunyi in person. And while Master Chunyi has been grateful to give healing to people who need it, he’s decided to do something that may have never been done before. Something that allows ANYBODY around the world to participate in their own Energy Transmission Ritual at ANY time.
Would they be able to help you:
Upcoming Events
Attract wealth?
Find the love of your life?
Release traumatic emotions that might be holding you back?

According to Master Chunyi’s students, it is possible for ANYONE to achieve these results through Master Chunyi’s new partnership with The Dharma Buddhist Monastery. Buddhism is a culture founded on open arms and Buddhist Monks dedicate every day to blessing the world around them with healing energy. Every morning they wake up, they perform Energy Transmission Rituals for members of their community and sometimes the world as a whole. They believe the path to enlightenment (or growing your own unique “spark”) is through generosity.
And because of Master Chunyi’s close connection with the monastery, for the first time ever you can submit your name to the monks for them to perform Energy Transmission Rituals on your behalf.

Here’s how it works:
You submit your name and clearly crystalized desire through Master Chunyi’s organization called Life Force Blessings.
Master Chunyi and his team write your name and desire in the book at Buddha’s feet. When the Buddhist Monks begin their daily Energy Transmission, they read your name and desire and perform rituals for you every day for 7 days gradually building up good energy.
Then planting a seed of good energy in your life to be nourished and help your desires come to fruition.

Watch video to see an Energy Transmission Ritual in action

Opening up their monastery and practices to us is an immensely valuable service that the Monks provide for the world. But as part of Buddhist belief, monks ARE NOT permitted to ask for anything in return. Buddhists do not ask for donations, payment or asking you to join their monastery. They simply open their arms and give whatever they can. While this is a beautiful way of life that makes Buddhism special. It can often make things difficult for the monks when they have little to no means of income. Without generous donors, Buddhist Monks cannot maintain their monasteries, buy groceries, or survive in the modern world.

So this is a dual benefit of signing up for The 7-Day Blessing through Master Chunyi. Not only do you get to be part of a sacred ritual from anywhere around the globe to help your desires come to fruition through Energy Transmission Rituals held by monks. You can also support the Buddhist Monastery that hosts your Energy Transmission Ritual so they can continue their way of life. We believe that just because the monks cannot ask for donations directly doesn’t make their contributions to the world less valuable. So you might be wondering…

how much is it to receive The 7-Day Blessing?

The truth is that most every Buddhist Temple would perform Energy Transmission Rituals for you (like The 7-Day Blessing) for free. Even though most monasteries take several thousand dollars per month to maintain. So if you found and traveled to a Buddhist Monastery, they will almost undoubtedly welcome you for free open arms as long as you take their practices seriously. This is why we want to give back to the monks that have given us so much in the form of a small financial “thank you” back to them even though the services they provide to us are priceless.

So how much would it be worth for you to:

  • Attract your dream romantic partner
  • Grow wealth for your business
  • Create closer-knit connections and
  • communities in your life
  • Heal aches, pains, or even chronic pain
  • Recover from disease
  • Bestow good luck upon people you love
    Or just achieve a lasting state of joy in your life
Master Chunyi’s students have made about what Energy Transmission practices have done for their lives, and they have all agreed that the transformations they have achieved are so priceless that putting a number value on them is impossible. Signing up to participate in The 7-Day Blessing with Master Chunyi and his friend at The Dharma Buddhist Monastary is not an impossible investment to make. In fact, it’s extraordinarily affordable for the value of what you’re getting to have practicing Buddhist Monks include you in their daily Energy Transmission Rituals for 7 whole days. And that’s why the total investment to receive The 7-Day Blessing from Master Chunyi and the monks is available for the very affordable investment of only.


If you want to tap into the spiritual energy transmission practices of ancient Buddhist tradition to plant a seed of good energy in your life to be nurtured and grown into something beautiful. AND want to support a real Buddhist Monastery, then signing up for The 7-Day Blessing is for you.

Click the button below to purchase your 7-Day Blessing and donate to the monks now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. “What happens after I purchase The 7-Day Blessing?”

After your small investment, you’ll be taken to a page to enter your full name and your desired outcome from the 7 days of Energy Transmission the monks will perform on your behalf.
From there, Master Chunyi’s team at Life Force Blessings takes your information and physically writes it in the book the monks place at Buddha’s feet before they begin their daily Energy Transmission Rituals.
For 7 days, your name and desired outcome will remain in the book at Buddha’s feet and be read by the monks daily as they bless energy into your life.

2. “What makes Buddhist Monks special?”

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3. “What kind of results should I expect?”

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4. “What are some occasions I can use the 7-Day Blessing for?”

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5. “Can I choose when my 7-Day Blessing will begin if I sign up today?”

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