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Ongoing energetic support from Buddhist masters of Life Force Energy will help to accelerate healing, amplify abundance, enhance your relationships, and unlock your true potential.


Introducing Life Force Blessings, the first company of its kind dedicated to delivering more connection, abundance, prosperity, love, and healing --- through the direct transmission of Life Force Energy.

Now you and your loved ones can experience the incredible effects of this sacred resource generated by dedicated Buddhist Monks.

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Life Force Blessings are the Perfect Way to Help You

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Overcome obstacles


Attract greater prosperity


Invite in more miracles


Step into your purpose and amplify your impact


Process stuck emotion and unresolved trauma


Accelerate your spiritual growth


Attract the right people into your life


Celebrate an important life event


Improve your relationships

The impact of life-force blessing


Bernard La Corbiniere

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Dear Master Lin, I have felt amazing for the last three days, especially the last two. Sometime after the meditation last night, I felt a profound feeling of Love all around and inside of me. I was not meditating at the time and had just sat down after walking from one of the rooms in my home to another. It was an almost tangible vibration and it lasted for quite a while. Tonight, the chanting penetrated my Being deeply, transporting me to a place, or rather a state where I felt a profound one-ness with existence and, dare I say it, with the Divine. My deepest desire is and has always been to find God and to help others to find Him. Thank you for this beautiful, ongoing experience. Please also thank the monks for me, in fact for all of us. Peace, Love and Light. Bernard


Lynea in Texas

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Dear Master Lin, I write to you from the Texas Hill Country with very uplifting news. I cancelled my own zoom presentation on Sunday Jan 3 so my group of 20+ could attend the beginning of the 7 day blessings. AND THEY ARE!! Most are new to it though a few have been with you for 5 years. One friend called to say her husband and visiting neighbors sat with her for The Prayer for All Living Beings, and they wanted to do all the blessings after that! These are people who have NEVER done anything like this, not done qigong or even meditated, and yet they fell in love with their experience from the sutra blessings you and the monks so selflessly share. Many of us have found the blessings this year to be the most powerful so far in producing rapid results. You have a large Texan and Australian family of admirers, along with all the many others worldwide whose lives you are touching with such awakening. May it all be returned to you and the monks, multiplied many times over! It's another day in the paradise of our making


Jim and Catherine Eick

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Dear Chunyi & SFQ family, We feel so blessed to have participated in the annual Blessings for all 7 years and to have cruised with you and the monks 3 times. The Monastery live stream is so beautiful and powerful. We look forward to the new Blessings recordings each year and play them at least once almost every day in our morning practice as we send our love and healing to family, friends and all living beings. The world is a better place for all you do. Infinite love, gratitude & blessings to you all and the Tibetan monks for your healing support and love! Catherine & Jim


Paula West

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Hi, I've been attending the 7 day Chanting. This morning before I even opened my eyes I heard my voice say....I love you Dad. This is resonating inside me. I had been afraid of my Father all my life and something has just dropped. I realized how much my anger and fear kept me from understanding how he was trying to reach out in the last years of his life. Thank you to Master Lin and all the Monks and all those behind the scenes Paula West


Cathy Nesbitt

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Dear Master Lin, Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is my first year participating in this amazing global blessing. I feel peaceful, grateful and each day have felt like I am floating along, more centred, present and ready to serve. I appreciate you and the Tibetan Monks for this blessing. In gratitude, Cathy Nesbitt Ontario, Canada

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Here’s How Energy Transmissions Work

We’ve partnered with Masters of Life Force Energy, including Tibetan Monks, whose sole focus is on generating energy through focused meditation, consciousness, and intentional blessings. These blessings can be sent directly to you or whomever you choose, allowing for access to an ongoing, personalized flow of Life Force Energy.

Why are Energy Transmissions So Effective at Transforming Your Life?

Because Here’s Everything You’ll Receive:


Convenient, Daily, Personalized Blessings

Move through the world with confidence and ease, knowing that each and every day, energy blessings are being sent directly to you. Just sit back, go about your life, and rest assured that blessings are coming your way regardless of what you do.


Ongoing Support from an Intelligent Energy Field That’s Supported by Science

Research shows that the human heart emits an energy field over 5,000x stronger than any other organ in the body. Master Chunyi and the Tibetan Monks wield this life force energy in your favor to create a forcefield of positivity around you at all times.


Protection from Unforeseen Challenges and Negative Energy

Life is unpredictable but receiving Energy Transmissions is the perfect way to safeguard your health and wellbeing and protect you from illness, adversity, and other challenges BEFORE they arise.


A One-Stop Shop for Improving ALL Areas of Your Life

You may have a particular wish, goal, or problem you’d like to receive support for, but the truth is, Life Force Blessings will touch EVERY area of your life — protecting and strengthening your health, relationships, finances, creativity, and much more.

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